Earn Your Experience: Doing well while doing good.

Parents have told me time and again that earning the trip is almost more valuable than the trip itself. Yes, the trip is the payoff, the final, in a Real World Classroom but like the age old adage, “success is a journey not a destination” the skills developed in earning the trip pay off in high school, in college, and in life.

A group of eighth graders created the L8 Nite Cafe for the monthly parent teacher nights at their school. The eighth graders brewed coffee, cooked up appetizers to order, and served hungry parents and students while earning hundreds of dollars for their trip.

Earning the Experience is at the heart of the Global Classroom Project (GCP). We work together to earn the trip, fundraise for our service project in the host country, help others earn their experience, give back to our local communities before and after the trip, and do good while doing well.

The  Global Classroom Project is follows a path of three simple steps, On the Ground, In the Clouds, and Around the World. Each step is crucial in earning the global experience and ultimately creating… World Peace

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