The Global Classroom Project in 60 seconds


Okay Go!

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Giving is Getting

We teach real world skills in the real world. From your neighborhood to Costa Rica, the Global Classroom Project teaches students how to plan, create,  and take action to make the world a better place. Our global experiences are more than trips and more than community service.

The Global Classroom Project empowers students to earn a service and immersion global experience while making a difference along the way. Students start by giving to a  local service project and participating where good is happening locally. Second, they create a socially just, Triple Bottom Line (People. Planet, Profit), fundraising “business”. They earn the global experience. Then, the payoff, from home-stays and community service projects to adventure and cultural immersion abroad, kids take their “final” and put meaning and purpose to real world learning. Finally, when they return, they get engaged locally again.

Homestay - JS

Home-stays build a global family Immersion is paramount. Living in a community with a host family and working on a local project makes all the difference. Living abroad, participants’ eyes, hearts and minds open. Lives are transformed. Perspectives are guaranteed to change. We believe it’s the work leading up to the experience that guarantees transformation.


Adventure Awaits

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