Make Your Hood Good

Local Service at the Core

At the core of the Global Classroom Project is SERVICE. Community service. Hands-on. Giving back. Why? Oh, besides the Karmic imprint you are making in your mind and in the universe, you simply are enjoying doing for others. Better to give than receive? Why? In service there is a undeniable unattached bliss. The type of freedom that comes from just being…there…helping. Below there are two festivities where volunteers are needed. There will be apples and at the core, there will be service. Walk with others.

Saturday, October 10 @ 10am – 2pm
Woodford Mansion, NW of 33rd & Dauphin Dr, East Fairmount Park
Celebrate Philadelphia Orchard Week with the East Park Revitalization Alliance at this fun community celebration of the fall harvest! Woodford’s 7th annual Apple Fest will feature cider-pressing, heirloom apple tasting, pumpkin painting and crafts, and tours of the orchard, beehives and historic Woodford Mansion. Volunteer in the orchard 10am to noon and enjoy the festival noon to 2pm. RAINDATE: Sunday, 10/11. Site info and directions:  GPS address: 2300 N. 33rd St.
Please RSVP if you plan to attend.

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