Apply as an INDIVIDUAL or as a TEAM.

Open Enrollment Trips are for INDIVIDUALS or super small groups (2-5 students) who want to be a part of the Global Classroom Project. Individuals must APPLY for these spots. The spots are limited because our commitment is to maximize the impact the Project has on the individual. Earning the experience and committing to all of the steps in the Project are crucial for the individual to in turn have the greatest impact on his/her community.

TEAM Trips are custom built for your team. Whether you are part of a school group, church group, soccer team or other organization, the Global Classroom Project customizes your international experience from dates to activities. While the GCP works within a tried and true framework of immersion, home-stays and service, we provide flexibility and match your talents and specialties with the group’s goals and activities. Soccer team? Play some of the best youth teams in the country. Mountain bikers? Head to the hills. Artists? Paint murals leaving your legacy around the globe.

Team trips work with Group Leaders (usually affiliated with the organization) to build in the Project’s three essential steps to success, On the Ground, In the Clouds, and Around the World. Group leaders are trained to produce the most outstanding and meaningful results for the group.

Fill Out. Jump In. Let’s Rock and Roll.

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