Why participate in a service and immersion experience abroad?

Why the Global Classroom Project?

Transforms Perspectives

If you have ever traveled, even to another part of America, you know your perspective changed. People talk differently, eat different foods, and may even view the world differently. In Southern USA, people greet each other on the streets, customer service is friendlier, and their manners simply make life more pleasant.

In Costa Rica, everyone slips in a “Pura Vida” with a smile during conversation. Translated “Pura Vida” is “Pure Life”. Costa Rica ranks as one of the happiest countries on the planet. Why?

In Cambodia, locals say “good bye” by saying, “Good luck to you.” And in the states we say, “Have a nice day.” Why the difference? Students reflect on the nuances of human “Being”. Being human. 2013-05-09 09.31.30

Transformation is the name of the game. If we want students to begin to “think globally, act locally”, then we need to provide opportunities for global perspective. Varied perspectives develop and nurture EMPATHY. Creativity and critical thinking are built on experiences, making connections, and problem solving. Tomorrow’s problems will be solved through empathetic problem solving. With the job market going global and many of the future’s jobs not even in existence yet, students can only think globally, with global experiences. Solve the big challenges with perspective.

Management reported that students who lived abroad for an extended period were significantly more likely to solve a difficult creativity problem than students who had never lived outside of their birth country.
Lehrer, Jonah (2012-03-19). Imagine: How Creativity Works (p. 128). 

Provides Meaning to Education 

… and potentially better students!

A new survey, “Travel Improves Educational Attainment & Future Success,” explores the impact of learning-focused travel on academic performance  and career growth. The findings demonstrate travel’s power to transform how students approach learning, deepen their understanding of the world and expand their career possibilities. The Wagner Group, a market research firm, conducted the study by surveying a cross-section of 400 American adults who reported taking an educational trip between the ages of 12-18.

Why Travel

Why the Global Classroom Project?

Real. World. Learning.

The Global Classroom Project steps into the real world and provides context and a framework to empower kids to design their lives. In EARNING a service and immersion global experience, students have the opportunity to challenge mindsets and accepted “truths”, and live purposefully contributing to the greater good.


Local service. Conscientious fundraising. Global immersion.

This combination, this formula creates a safe and systematic process for students to ready their minds for today and tomorrow’s challenges. The process builds confidence, self-esteem, courageous communication, critical thinking, and empathy while providing an opportunity to exercise these skills in activities that take place in real time. In community.

Building service muscles and realizing the importance of giving back.

Fundraising through creative endeavors that spread good in the world.

Seeing the world by walking in others’ shoes.

Parents, students who attend global trips are given the gift of learning through experience which is something that is never forgotten. Global trips shape students socially, emotionally and academically. They better prepare and equip students with the tools necessary to be successful in the real world. Students, experiencing a global trip is an adventure of a lifetime! Group Leaders,  this work is fulfilling. You will see your students grow, mature, learn in every way possible, and have fun. Teacher Jen


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