Thinking About Being… A Team Leader

Current and potential GROUP LEADERS can keep informed here!

Group Leaders are Role Models

Group Leaders are Role Models

Group Leaders are awesome adventurers, rockin’ role models and enthusiastic educators. Are you thinking about being a Group Leader?

Often group leaders are avid travelers but travel experience is not required. What is required however, is a passion working, walking and learning along side teens. Group Leaders help facilitate the immersion program while working with the in country team to implement the Global Classroom Curriculum. All project costs including lodging, meals, activities, adventure, and transportation are included.*

Responsibilities include

  • Organizing pre-trip monthly meetings,
  • Disseminating paperwork and collection of completed materials,
  • Keeping records of completed materials and payment information
  • Assisting in group fundraising efforts*
  • Living in a home stay and working along side students in host country
  • Keep students’ health and safety as a priority at all times
  • Lead group circles and check-ins to optimize personal growth opportunities

If you are a teacher, coach, parent, college student or recent college grad and think you want to lead a trip for your school, team and/or child, you have taken the first step to becoming a Group Leader.

Preferred Requirements

  • Child Abuse clearances
  • FBI finger print
  • Criminal Background Check

Bonus Certifications

  • First aid/CPR
  • Global Classroom Project Group Leader Certification

 Contact us now to start your journey. 


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